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    • Protein Shape Retrieval Contest 

      Langenfeld, Florent; Axenopoulos, Apostolos; Benhabiles, Halim; Daras, Petros; Giachetti, Andrea; Han, Xusi; Hammoudi, Karim; Kihara, Daisuke; Lai, Tuan M.; Liu, Haiguang; Melkemi, Mahmoud; Mylonas, Stelios K.; Terashi, Genki; Wang, Yufan; Windal, Feryal; Montes, Matthieu (The Eurographics Association, 2019)
      This track aimed at retrieving protein evolutionary classification based on their surfaces meshes only. Given that proteins are dynamic, non-rigid objects and that evolution tends to conserve patterns related to their ...
    • SHREC 2021: Surface-based Protein Domains Retrieval 

      Langenfeld, Florent; Aderinwale, Tunde; Christoffer, Charles; Shin, Woong-Hee; Terashi, Genki; Wang, Xiao; Kihara, Daisuke; Benhabiles, Halim; Hammoudi, Karim; Cabani, Adnane; Windal, Feryal; Melkemi, Mahmoud; Otu, Ekpo; Zwiggelaar, Reyer; Hunter, David; Liu, Yonghuai; Sirugue, Léa; Nguyen, Huu-Nghia H.; Nguyen, Tuan-Duy H.; Nguyen–Truong, Vinh-Thuyen; Le, Danh; Nguyen, Hai-Dang; Tran, Minh-Triet; Montès, Matthieu (The Eurographics Association, 2021)
      Proteins are essential to nearly all cellular mechanism, and often interact through their surface with other cell molecules, such as proteins and ligands. The evolution generates plenty of different proteins, with unique ...