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    • Visualizing Usage Data from a Diabetes Management System 

      Duce, David A.; Martin, Clare; Russell, Alex; Brown, Dan; Aldea, Arantza; Alshaigy, Bedour; Harrison, Rachel; Waite, Marion; Leal, Yenny; Wos, Marzena; Fernandez-Balsells, Mercè; Real, José Manuel Fernández; Nita, Lucian; López, Beatriz; Massana, Joaquim; Avari, Parizad; Herrero, Pau; Jugnee, Narvada; Oliver, Nick; Reddy, Monika (The Eurographics Association, 2020)
      This article explores the role for visualization in interpreting data collected by a customised analytics framework within a healthcare technology project. It draws on the work of the EU-funded PEPPER project, which has ...