Automatic Display Zoom Using Face Size of Camera Image

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The Eurographics Association
When it is hard to see a small font size document that is in your hand, you usually move it closer to your face. When you want to see the whole of a large sheet such as a map, you usually get it away from your face. On the other hand when you get into a same situation on a PC screen and tablet device, you zoom it using a mouse or doing pinch operation. So we consider zooming display appropriately referring the distance between a face and a screen also when using PC and tablet. If the distance value is mapped to the zoom scale parameter directory, it always changes according to the slight change of the posture. Therefore the presence or absence of the scale change is determined from the distance change in a predefined period. In this paper, we propose corresponding about the distance change and scaling, also described for the experimental system in order to confirm the validity of this idea.

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Automatic Display Zoom Using Face Size of Camera Image
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