A Prototype of a Cooperative Visualization Workplace for the Aerodynamicist

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Blackwell Science Ltd and the Eurographics Association
Several feasibility studies for cooperative visualization were performed based on an existing modular visualization system. Two different architectures for the implementation of a cooperative system were identified, implemented and tested.One architectural model, the broadcast model, assumes either one single visualization system running on a central facility driving multiple displays or in case of cooperative work it assumes that each visualization module drives multiple displays.The second model, the synchronized visualization systems, features distributed visualization tools with synchronization mechanisms. The synchronization ensures that all partners create identical images from identical data. This model requires special control features to avoid conflicts created by user-interaction.Both architectures are complete by adding bi-directional video connection and audio communication over the network plus offering remote cursor functionality.Two prototype implementations were produced to compare the two architectures and to evaluate the feasibility of cooperative visualization on existing hardware. Because of the poor access to wide-area networks, the prototypes were tested in a local area network. Visualization protocols, data communication, video and audio ran on a standard Ethernet based on TCP/IP communications. The tests were done using typical data from aerodynamics or numerical flow simulations.In spite of the limits due to low network bandwidth and slow performance of some hardware components the second architecture using the synchronized systems seems to be useful and feasible even under today s circumstances. There are no additional features identified which would be needed to run the cooperative visualization on a wide area network but a higher network throughput would be required.

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A Prototype of a Cooperative Visualization Workplace for the Aerodynamicist
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