A Declarative Design Method for 3D Scene Sketch Modeling

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Blackwell Science Ltd and the Eurographics Association
In this paper, we present a dynamic model associated with an intelligent CAD system aiming at the modeling of an architectural scene sketch. Our design methodology has been developed to simulate the process of a user who tries to give a description of a scene from a set of mental images. The scene creation is based on a script which describes the environment from the point of view of an observer who moves across the scene. The system is based on a declarative method viewed as a stepwise refinement process. For the scene representation, a qualitative model is used to describe the objects in terms of attributes, functions, methods and components. The links between objects and their components are expressed by a hierarchical structure, and a description of spatial configurations is given by using locative relations. The set of solutions consistent with the description is usually infinite. So, either one scene consistent with this description is calculated and visualized, or reasons of inconsistency are notified to the user. The resolution process consists of two steps: firstly a logical inference checks the consistency of the topological description, and secondly an optimization algorithm deals with the global description and provides a solution. Two examples illustrate our design methodology and the calculation of a scene model.

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A Declarative Design Method for 3D Scene Sketch Modeling
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