Computer Graphics Forum 2002 / CGF 21 - 4 

Duke, David; Scopigno, Roberto

Bronsvoort, Willem F.; Bidarra, Rafael; Noort, Alex
Feature Model Visualization

Reinders, Freek; Sadarjoen, I. Ari; Vrolijk, Benjamin; Post, Frits H.
Vortex Tracking and Visualisation in a Flow Past a Tapered Cylinder

Huang, Y. Q.; Liu, Y. K.
An algorithm for line clipping against a polygon based on shearing transformation

Hisada, Masayuki; Belyaev, Alexander G.; Kunii, Tosiyasu L.
A Skeleton-based Approach for Detection of Perceptually Salient Features on Polygonal Surfaces

Iwasaki, Kei; Dobashi, Yoshinori; Nishita, Tomoyuki
An Efficient Method for Rendering Underwater Optical Effects Using Graphics Hardware

McNeill, M.D.J.; Sayers, H.; Wilson, S.; Mc Kevitt, P.
A Spoken Dialogue System for Navigation in Non-Immersive Virtual Environments

O'Hara, Noel
Hierarchical Impostors for the Flocking Algorithm in 3D

O'Sullivan, C.; Cassell, J.; Vilhjalmsson, H.; Dingliana, J.; Dobbyn, S.; McNamee, B. and Peters, C. and Giang, T.
Levels of Detail for Crowds and Groups

Peters, C.; O'Sullivan, C.
Synthetic Vision and Memory for Autonomous Virtual Humans

Tecchia, Franco; Loscos, Celine; Chrysanthou, Yiorgos
Visualizing Crowds in Real-Time

Ulicny, Branislav; Thalmann, Daniel
Towards Interactive Real-Time Crowd Behavior Simulation

Herman, Ivan; Dardailler, Daniel
SVG Linearization and Accessibility

Cecconi, Alesandro; Galanda, Martin
Adaptive Zooming in Web Cartography

Surazhsky, Tatiana; Elber, Gershon
Erratum: Artistic Surface Rendering Using Layout of Text

Scheel, Annette
Eurographics 2002

Laycock, Stephen D.; Laycock, Robert G.
Siggraph 2002

Isern, Jordi Regincos
Eurographics Spain 11th Conference

O'Sullivan, Carol
Eurographics Ireland 2002 Workshop

Bordegoni, Monica
Eurographics Italy 1st Conference

Marcos, Aderito; Brunet, Pere; Jorge, Joaquim; Regincos, Jordi
1st Ibero-American Symposium in Computer Graphics

Debevec, Paul; Gibson, Simon
13th Eurographics Workshop on Rendering

Max, Nelson
First International Symposium on 3DPVT 2002

Eurographics 2003 Modelling the Real World

New Eurographics Fellow

23rd Eurographics General Assembly

Report of the Statutory Auditors to the General Meeting of the Members of Eurographics Association Geneva

Author Index Volume 21 (2002)

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