Computer Graphics Forum 2022 / CGF 41 - 3 

Borgo, Rita; Marai, G. Elisabeta; Schreck, Tobias
EuroVis 2022 CGF 41-3: Frontmatter

Baumer, Eric P. S.; Jasim, Mahmood; Sarvghad, Ali; Mahyar, Narges
Of Course it's Political! A Critical Inquiry into Underemphasized Dimensions in Civic Text Visualization

Zong, Jonathan; Lee, Crystal; Lundgard, Alan; Jang, JiWoong; Hajas, Daniel; Satyanarayan, Arvind
Rich Screen Reader Experiences for Accessible Data Visualization

Sondag, Max; Turkay, Cagatay; Xu, Kai; Matthews, Louise; Mohr, Sibylle; Archambault, Daniel
Visual Analytics of Contact Tracing Policy Simulations During an Emergency Response

South, Laura; Saffo, David; Vitek, Olga; Dunne, Cody; Borkin, Michelle A.
Effective Use of Likert Scales in Visualization Evaluations: A Systematic Review

Elavsky, Frank; Bennett, Cynthia; Moritz, Dominik
How Accessible is my Visualization? Evaluating Visualization Accessibility with Chartability

Wang, Ruobin; Jung, Crescentia; Kim, Yea-Seul
Seeing Through Sounds: Mapping Auditory Dimensions to Data and Charts for People with Visual Impairments

Jeong, Sangwon; Liu, Shusen; Berger, Matthew
Interactively Assessing Disentanglement in GANs

Meng, Linhao; Elzen, Stef van den; Vilanova, Anna
ModelWise: Interactive Model Comparison for Model Diagnosis, Improvement and Selection

Han, Jun; Wang, Chaoli
SurfNet: Learning Surface Representations via Graph Convolutional Network

Tyagi, Anjul; Zhao, Jian; Patel, Pushkar; Khurana, Swasti; Mueller, Klaus
Infographics Wizard: Flexible Infographics Authoring and Design Exploration

Gadhave, Kiran; Cutler, Zach; Lex, Alexander
Reusing Interactive Analysis Workflows

Epperson, Will; Lee, Doris Jung-Lin; Wang, Leijie; Agarwal, Kunal; Parameswaran, Aditya G.; Moritz, Dominik; Perer, Adam
Leveraging Analysis History for Improved In Situ Visualization Recommendation

Piccolotto, Nikolaus; Bögl, Markus; Muehlmann, Christoph; Nordhausen, Klaus; Filzmoser, Peter; Miksch, Silvia
Visual Parameter Selection for Spatial Blind Source Separation

Appleby, Gabriel; Espadoto, Mateus; Chen, Rui; Goree, Samuel; Telea, Alexandru C.; Anderson, Erik W.; Chang, Remco
HyperNP: Interactive Visual Exploration of Multidimensional Projection Hyperparameters

Troidl, Jakob; Cali, Corrado; Gröller, Eduard; Pfister, Hanspeter; Hadwiger, Markus; Beyer, Johanna
Barrio: Customizable Spatial Neighborhood Analysis and Comparison for Nanoscale Brain Structures

Hong, Jiayi; Trubuil, Alain; Isenberg, Tobias
LineageD: An Interactive Visual System for Plant Cell Lineage Assignments based on Correctable Machine Learning

Rulff, João; Miranda, Fabio; Hosseini, Maryam; Lage, Marcos; Cartwright, Mark; Dove, Graham; Bello, Juan; Silva, Claudio T.
Urban Rhapsody: Large-scale Exploration of Urban Soundscapes

Qu, Dezhan; Lv, Cheng; Lin, Yiming; Zhang, Huijie; Wang, Rong
AirLens: Multi-Level Visual Exploration of Air Quality Evolution in Urban Agglomerations

Bäuerle, Alex; Onzenoodt, Christian van; Kinderen, Simon der; Westberg, Jimmy Johansson; Jönsson, Daniel; Ropinski, Timo
Where did my Lines go? Visualizing Missing Data in Parallel Coordinates

Frey, Steffen
Optimizing Grid Layouts for Level-of-Detail Exploration of Large Data Collections

Bartolomeo, Sara Di; Pister, Alexis; Buono, Paolo; Plaisant, Catherine; Dunne, Cody; Fekete, Jean-Daniel
Six Methods for Transforming Layered Hypergraphs to Apply Layered Graph Layout Algorithms

Xu, Shaobin; Sun, Minghui; Zhang, Zhengtai; Xue, Hao
Exploring Multivariate Event Sequences with an Interactive Similarity Builder

Miller, Matthias; Rauscher, Julius; Keim, Daniel A.; El-Assady, Mennatallah
CorpusVis: Visual Analysis of Digital Sheet Music Collections

Sevastjanova, Rita; Kalouli, Aikaterini-Lida; Beck, Christin; Hauptmann, Hanna; El-Assady, Mennatallah
LMFingerprints: Visual Explanations of Language Model Embedding Spaces through Layerwise Contextualization Scores

Wu, Mengxi; Chiang, Yi-Jen; Musco, Christopher
Streaming Approach to In Situ Selection of Key Time Steps for Time-Varying Volume Data

Mikula, Natalia; Dörffel, Tom; Baum, Daniel; Hege, Hans-Christian
An Interactive Approach for Identifying Structure Definitions

Sidwall Thygesen, Signe; Masood, Talha Bin; Linares, Mathieu; Natarajan, Vijay; Hotz, Ingrid
Level of Detail Exploration of Electronic Transition Ensembles using Hierarchical Clustering

Liu, Huan; Zhang, Hui
A Flip-book of Knot Diagrams for Visualizing Surfaces in 4-Space

Amiraghdam, Alireza; Diehl, Alexandra; Pajarola, Renato
LOOPS: LOcally Optimized Polygon Simplification

Wetzels, Florian; Leitte, Heike; Garth, Christoph
Branch Decomposition-Independent Edit Distances for Merge Trees

Huesmann, Karim; Linsen, Lars
SimilarityNet: A Deep Neural Network for Similarity Analysis Within Spatio-temporal Ensembles

Sahoo, Saroj; Lu, Yuzhe; Berger, Matthew
Neural Flow Map Reconstruction

Sereno, Mickael; Gosset, Stéphane; Besançon, Lonni; Isenberg, Tobias
Hybrid Touch/Tangible Spatial Selection in Augmented Reality

León, Gabriela Molina; Lischka, Michael; Luo, Wei; Breiter, Andreas
Mobile and Multimodal? A Comparative Evaluation of Interactive Workplaces for Visual Data Exploration

Chen, Shuai; Li, Sihang; Li, Yanda; Zhu, Junlin; Long, Juanjuan; Chen, Siming; Zhang, Jiawan; Yuan, Xiaoru
DanmuVis: Visualizing Danmu Content Dynamics and Associated Viewer Behaviors in Online Videos

Morais, Luiz; Andrade, Nazareno; Sousa, Dandara
Exploring How Visualization Design and Situatedness Evoke Compassion in the Wild

Zohrevandi, Elmira; Westin, Carl A. L.; Vrotsou, Katerina; Lundberg, Jonas
Exploring Effects of Ecological Visual Analytics Interfaces on Experts' and Novices' Decision-Making Processes: A Case Study in Air Traffic Control

Pérez-Messina, Ignacio; Ceneda, Davide; El-Assady, Mennatallah; Miksch, Silvia; Sperrle, Fabian
A Typology of Guidance Tasks in Mixed-Initiative Visual Analytics Environments

Mahajan, Shambhavi; Chen, Bonnie; Karduni, Alireza; Kim, Yea-Seul; Wall, Emily
VIBE: A Design Space for VIsual Belief Elicitation in Data Journalism

Gathani, Sneha; Monadjemi, Shayan; Ottley, Alvitta; Battle, Leilani
A Grammar-Based Approach for Applying Visualization Taxonomies to Interaction Logs

Dhanoa, Vaishali; Walchshofer, Conny; Hinterreiter, Andreas; Stitz, Holger; Gröller, Eduard; Streit, Marc
A Process Model for Dashboard Onboarding

Lo, Leo Yu-Ho; Gupta, Ayush; Shigyo, Kento; Wu, Aoyu; Bertini, Enrico; Qu, Huamin
Misinformed by Visualization: What Do We Learn From Misinformative Visualizations?

Cheng, Hao; Wang, Junhong; Wang, Yun; Lee, Bongshin; Zhang, Haidong; Zhang, Dongmei
Investigating the Role and Interplay of Narrations and Animations in Data Videos

Schindler, Marwin; Korpitsch, Thorsten; Raidou, Renata Georgia; Wu, Hsiang-Yun
Nested Papercrafts for Anatomical and Biological Edutainment