Pacific Graphics Short Papers 2014

Jianping, Cai; Feng, Lin; Tsui, Lee Yong; Kemao, Qian; Soon, Seah Hock
Incorporating Fiber Controls into FEM Model for Transversely Isotropic Materials

Spina, Sandro; Debattista, Kurt; Bugeja, Keith; Chalmers, Alan
Scene Segmentation and Understanding for Context-Free Point Clouds

Chen, Yu-Jung; Yen, Chen-Yu; Chen, Yen-Yu; Chen, Wei-Chao; Chien, Shao-Yi
Visibility Filtering for Producing Indirect Illumination

Peng, Chao
Integrating Occlusion Culling into LOD on GPU

Tsuchie, Shoichi; Higashi, Masatake
Surface Mesh Segmentation and Reconstruction with Smooth Boundary Curves

Song, Hai-Chuan; Shi, Kan-Le; Yong, Jun-Hai; Zhang, Sen
Projecting Points onto Planar Parametric Curves by Local Biarc Approximation

Hong, Yang; Wu, Wen; Chen, Hui
Real-time Collision Detection with Two-level Spatial Hashing on GPU

Huang, Lifeng; Gao, Chengying
Automatic Garment Modeling From Front And Back Images

Wang, Zhenglin; Lee, Ivan
Random Sparse Coded Aperture for Lensless Imaging

Miao, Zheng; Zhang, Yan; Zheng, Zhibin; Sun, Zhengxing
Image Palette: Brushstroke Synthesis-based Style Transfer

Zheng, Zhibin; Zhang, Yan; Miao, Zheng; Sun, Zhengxing
Album Quickview in Comic-like Layout via Quartet Analysis

Wong, Sai-Keung; Chang, Tse-Ching; Ho, Tan-Chi; Chuang, Jung-Hong
Data-Driven Fire Synthesis and Design

Mukherjee, Uddipan; Gopi, Meenakshisundaram
Finding Feature Similarities Between Geometric Trees

Léon, Vincent; Gruson, Adrien; Cozot, Rémi; Bouatouch, Kadi
Automatic Aesthetics-based Lighting Design with Global Illumination

Chajdas, Matthäus G.; Westermann, Rüdiger
Quantitative Analysis of Voxel Raytracing Acceleration Structures

Gu, Minjie; Hu, Shanfeng; Wang, Xiaochuan; Liang, Xiaohui; Shen, Xukun; Qin, Aihong
Saliency-driven Depth Compression for 3D Image Warping

Wang, Guihang; Chen, Xuejin; Hu, Siyu
Geometry-Aware Image Completion via Multiple Examples

Fan, Xin; Gao, Renjie; Wang, Yi
Example-based Haze Removal with two-layer Gaussian Process Regressions

Saito, Shunsuke; Sakamoto, Ryuuki; Morishima, Shigeo
PatchMove: Patch-based Fast Image Interpolation with Greedy Bidirectional Correspondence

Shin, Il-Kyu; Öztireli, A. Cengiz; Kim, Hyeon-Joong; Beeler, Thabo; Gross, Markus; Choi, Soo-Mi
Extraction and Transfer of Facial Expression Wrinkles for Facial Performance Enhancement

Li, Quan; Qu, Huamin
Visual Analysis of FPS Gameplay Data: From Game Design to Player Behavior

Gouvatsos, Alexandros; Xiao, Zhidong; Marsden, Neil; Zhang, Jian J.
Automatic 3D Posing from 2D Hand-Drawn Sketches

Egert, Petr; Vlastimil, Havran
Parallel BTF Compression with Multi-Level Vector Quantization in OpenCL

Chalmers, Andrew; Lewis, John; Hillman, Peter; Tait, Charlie; Rhee, Taehyun
Sky Browser: Search for HDR Sky Maps

Li, Dajin; Bai, Chengjie
A Simple Artistic Rendering Method for Stereoscopic Images

Chalmers, Andrew; Choi, Jong Jin; Rhee, Taehyun
Perceptually Optimised Illumination for Seamless Composites