Eurographics Symposium on Virtual Environments, Short Papers and Posters 2007

Murase, Kaori; Ogi, Tetsuro; Saito, Kouta; Koyama, Takahide
Immersive Augmented Reality Display System Using a Large Semi-transparent Mirror

Schoor, Wolfram; Masik, Steffen; Hofmann, Marc; Mecke, Rüdiger; Müller, Gerhard
Elbe Dom: 360 Degree Full Immersive Laser Projection System

Hopp, Armin; Havemann, Sven; Fellner, Dieter W.
A Single Chip DLP Projector for Stereoscopic Images of High Color Quality and Resolution

Schwerdtfeger, Bjoern; Klinker, Gudrun
Hybrid Information Presentation: Combining a Portable Augmented Reality Laser Projector and a Conventional Computer Display

Bordegoni, Monica; Covarrubias, Mario
Direct Visuo-Haptic Display System Using a Novel Concept

Wormell, Dean; Foxlin, Eric; Katzman, Patricia
Improved 3D Interactive Devices for Passive and Active Stereo Virtual Environments

Sternberger, Ludovic; Brandel, Sylvain; Bechmann, Dominique
vrLib: A Designer Oriented Interaction and 3D User Interface Library

Veit, Manuel; Capobianco, Antonio; Bechmann, Dominique
Using Proprioception as a Cue towards Effective Spatial Input in VR: a Framework for an Experimental Study

Pfeiffer, Thies; Latoschik, Marc Erich
Interactive Social Displays

Andaroodi, Elham; Matini, Mohammad-Reza; Abe, Nobuaki; Ono, K.; Kawai, T.
3-D Reconstitution and Virtual Reality of World Heritage Site in Danger: the Citadel of Bam

Amor, Heni Ben; Weber, Matthias; Heumer, Guido; Jung, Bernhard
Coordinate System Transformations for Imitation of Goal-Directed Trajectories in Virtual Humans

Pentenrieder, Katharina; Meier, Peter; Doil, Fabian; Nölle, Stefan
Requirements for Industrial Augmented Reality Tracking Systems - an Evaluation

Garcia, Arturo; Molina, José P.; Steed, Anthony; Martínez, Diego; González, Pascual
An Approach to the Evaluation of Ownership Management Techniques in Collaborative Virtual Environments

Haselberger, Frank; Bues, Matthias; Schütz, Tibor
An Immersive CAD Testbed

Korkalo, Otto; Takala, Tapio
Monocular Head Tracking for Desktop Virtual Environments

Flohr, Daniel; Fischer, Jan
A Lightweight ID-Based Extension for Marker Tracking Systems

Wormell, Dean; Foxlin, Eric; Katzman, Patricia
Advanced Inertial-Optical Tracking System for Wide Area Mixed and Augmented Reality Systems

Sone, Junji; Inoue, R.; Tsuyuki, S.; Ishikawa, K.; Yamada, K.; Kaneko, I.; Tokuyama, Y.; Fujita, K.; Sato, Makoto
Experimental Study of Haptic Interface Considering Myoelectrical Activity

Interrante, Victoria; O'Rourke, Eleanor; Gray, Leanne; Anderson, Lee; Ries, Brian
A Quantitative Assessment of the Impact on Spatial Understanding of Exploring a Complex Immersive Virtual Environment using Augmented Real Walking versus Flying

Jorissen, Pieter; Vanacken, Lode; Lamotte, Wim; Coninx, Karin
Evaluating the Effects of Haptics on Presence while Traveling in a Desktop Virtual Environment

Mohler, Betty J.; Campos, Jennifer L.; Weyel, Michael B.; Bülthoff, Heinrich H.
Gait Parameters while Walking in a Head-mounted Display Virtual Environment and the Real World

Kazakevich, Maryia; Boulanger, Pierre; Bischof, Walter F.; Garcia, M.
Augmentation of Visualisation Using Sonification: A Case Study in Computational Fluid Dynamics

Mollet, Nicolas; Gerbaud, Stéfanie; Arnaldi, Bruno
STORM: a Generic Interaction and Behavioral Model for 3D Objects and Humanoids in a Virtual Environment

Johnson, Tyler; Fuchs, Henry
A Unified Multi-Surface, Multi-ResolutionWorkspace with Camera-Based Scanning and Projector-Based Illumination

Lorenz, Mario; Brunnett, Guido; Heinz, Marcel
Rendering on Tiled Displays using Advanced Stream Caching

Honda, Kenji; Hashimoto, Naoki; Sato, Makoto
Real-time Reconstruction of PseudoWide-angle Images with an Approximating Depth Model

Franke, Ingmar Steffen; Zavesky, Martin; Dachselt, Raimund
Learning from Painting: Perspective-dependent Geometry Deformation for Perceptual Realism

Blom, Kristopher J.; Beckhaus, Steffi
Functional Reactive Virtual Reality