Vriphys: 3rd Workshop in Virtual Realitiy, Interactions, and Physical Simulation 2006

Rodriguez-Navarro, J.; Susin, A.
Non structured meshes for Cloth GPU simulation using FEM

Mero, Maximo G.; Susin, A.
Deformable Hybrid Approach for Haptic Interaction

Nesme, Matthieu; Payan, Yohan; Faure, François
Animating Shapes at Arbitrary Resolution with Non-Uniform Stiffness

Gissler, Marc; Becker, Markus; Teschner, Matthias
Local Constraint Methods for Deformable Objects

Weller, Rene; Zachmann, Gabriel
Kinetic Separation Lists for Continuous Collision Detection of Deformable Objects

Jiménez, Juan J.; Ogáyar, Carlos J.; Segura, Rafael J.; Feito, Francisco R.
Collision Detection between a Complex Solid and a Particle Cloud assisted by Programmable GPU

Spillmann, J.; Becker, M.; Teschner, M.
Efficient Updates of Bounding Sphere Hierarchies for Geometrically Deformable Models

Porcu, Massimiliano B.; Scateni, Riccardo
Partitioning Meshes into Strips using the Enhanced Tunnelling Algorithm (ETA)

Müller, Matthias; Heidelberger, Bruno; Hennix, Marcus; Ratcliff, John
Position Based Dynamics

Bender, Jan; Schmitt, Alfred A.
Fast Dynamic Simulation of Multi-Body Systems Using Impulses

Agus, Marco; Gobbetti, Enrico; Pintore, Giovanni; Zanetti, Gianluigi; Zorcolo, Antonio
Real Time Simulation of Phaco-emulsification for Cataract Surgery Training

Padilla, Miguel A.; Monte, Felipe Altamirano del; Cosio, Fernando Arambula
Virtual Resectoscope Interface for a Surgery Simulation Training System of the Prostate

Marchal, Maud; Promayon, Emmanuel; Troccaz, Jocelyne
Simulating Prostate Surgical Procedures with a Discrete Soft Tissue Model

García, Marcos; Espadero, José Miguel; Rodríguez, Angel
Explicit Integrators Analysis for a Simulation Engine

Madera, F. A.; Day, A. M.; Laycock, S. D.
The use of Tetrahedra to Detect Collisions

Hernantes, J.; Diaz, I.; Alvarez, H.; Borro, D.
Stable Collision Response Method in Complex Interactions

Jerábková, L.; Jerábek, J.; Chudoba, R.; Kuhlen, T.
Stable Interactive Cutting of Deformable Objects

Martín, José San; Triviño, Gracián
A study of the Manipulability of the PHANToM OMNI Haptic Interface

Fernández-Arroyo, José Manuel Fernández; Beriso, Sofía Bayona; Moya, Carolina Gómez; Carro, Lauren García
Virtual reality training system for portal selection in shoulder arthroscopy