EG 1989-Technical Papers 1989

Mao, Qijing
MICRO-UIDT: A User Interface Development Tool

Hill, Ralph D.; Herrmann, Marc
The Structure of Tube - A Tool for Implementing Advanced User Interfaces

Devillers, Olivier
The Macro-Regions: An Efficient Space Subdivision Structure for Ray Tracing

Akimoto, Taka-aki; Mase, Kenji; Hashimoto, Akihiko; Suenaga, Yasuhito
Pixel Selected Ray Tracing

Xu, Hau; Peng, Qun-Sheng; Liang, You-Dong
Accelerated Radiosity Method for Complex Environments

Hübner, Wolfgang; Gomes, Mario Rui
Two Object-Oriented Models to Design Graphical User Interfaces

Burgstaller, Johann; Grollmann, Joachim; Kapsner, Franz
On the Software Structure of User Interface Management Systems

Duce, D. A.; Ten Hagen, P.J.W.; Van Liere, R.
Components, Frameworks and GKS Input

Bouatouch, Kadi; Saouter, Yannick; Candela, Jean Charles
A VLSI Chip for Ray Tracing Bicubic Patches

Giger, Christine
Ray Tracing Polynomial Tensor Product Surfaces

Griessmair, Josef; Purgathofer, Werner
Deformation of Solids with Trivariate B-Splines

Ertl, T.; Geyer, F.; Herold, H.; Kraus, U.; Niemeier, R.; Nollert, H.- P.; Rebetzky, A.; Ruder, H.; Zeller, G.
Visualisation in Astrophysics

Hofmann, Georg Rainer
Non-Planar Polygons and Photographic Components for Naturalism in Computer Graphics

Thiemann, Rolf; Fischer, Joachim; Haschek, Guido; Kneidl, Gerald
Visualisation of Digital Terrain Data

Potmesil, Michael; McMillan, Leonard; Hoffert, Eric M.; Inman, Jennifer F.; Farah, Robert L.; Howard, Marc
A Parallel Image Computer with a Distributed Frame Buffer: System Architecture and Programming

Chapman, Paul A.; Lewis, Eric
Adding Parallelism in Object Space to the Rendering Pipeline

Kaufman, Arie; Bandopadhay, Amit
Forest of Quadtrees: An Object Representation for 3D Graphics

Ghazanfarpour, D.; Peroche, B.
Anti-Aliasing by Successive Steps with a Z-Buffer

Englert, Gabriele; Sakas, Georgios
A Model for Description and Synthesis of Heterogeneous Textures

Bennis, Chakib; Gagalowicz, Andre
Hierarchical Texture Synthesis on 3-D Surfaces

Duce, D. A.
GKS, Structures and Formal Specification

Fiume, Eugene
Toward Realistic Formal Specifications for Non-Trivial Graphical Objects

Dufourd, Jean-Francois
A Topological Map-Based Kernel for Polyhedron Modelers: Algebraic Specification and Logic Prototyping

Poepsel, J.; Hornung, C.
Highlight Shading: Lighting and Shading in a PHIGS+/PEX-Environment

Claussen, Ute
On Reducing the Phong Shading Method

Schuierer, Sven
Delauney Triangulations and the Radiosity Approach

Skala, Vaclav
Algorithms for 2D Line Clipping

O Bara, Robert M.; Abi-Ezzi, Salim
An Analysis of Modeling Clip

Pins, Markus; Hild, Hermann
Variations on a Dither Algorithm

Bergeron, R. Daniel; Grinstein, Georges G.
A Reference Model for the Visualisation of Multi-Dimensional Data

Wisskirchen, Peter
GEO++ - A System for Both Modelling and Display

Herman, Ivan
2.5 Dimensional Graphics Systems

Brodlie, Ken W.; Göbel, Martin; Roberts, Ann; Ziegler, Rolf
When is a Line a Line?

Lienhardt, Pascal
Subdivisions of Surfaces and Generalized Maps

Bardis, L.; Patrikalakis, N.M.
Blending Rational B-Spline Surfaces

Falcidieno, Bianca; Fossati, Bruno
Representing Tolerance Information in Feature-Based Solid Modelling

Gourret, Jean-Paul; Magnenat-Thalmann, Nadia; Thalmann, Daniel
The Use of Finite Element Theory for Simulating Object and Human Body Deformations and Contacts

Breen, David E.; Kühn, Volker
Message-Based Object-Oriented Interaction Modeling

Goettler, Herbert
Graph Grammars, A New Paradigm for Implementing Visual Languages

Szwillus, Gerd
Supporting Graphical Languages with Structure Editors

Pottmann, Helmut
Visualizing Curvature Discontinuities of Free-Form Surfaces

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