Preface and Table of Contents

Davies, R. Andrew; Maskery, James S.; John, Nigel W.
Chemical Education using Feelable Molecules

Wei, Lei; Sourin, Alexei; Stocker, Herbert
Function-based haptic collaboration in X3D

Kurmos, Liam; John, Nigel W.; Roberts, Jonathan C.
Integration of Haptics with Web3D using the SAI

Duval, Thierry; Fleury, Cedric
An asymmetric 2D Pointer / 3D Ray for 3D Interaction within Collaborative Virtual Environments

Rubinstein, Dmitri; Georgiev, Iliyan; Schug, Benjamin; Slusallek, Philipp
RTSG: Ray Tracing for X3D via a Flexible Rendering Framework

Jung, Yvonne; Behr, Johannes
GPU-based Real-time On-surface Droplet Flow in X3D

Wang, Wei; Jia, Jinyuan
An Incremental SMLAOI Algorithm for Progressive Downloading Large Scale WebVR Scenes

Repplinger, Michael; Löffler, Alexander; Schug, Benjamin; Slusallek, Philipp
Extending X3D for Distributed Multimedia Processing and Control

Weekley, Jeffrey D.; Brutzman, Don
Beyond Viewpoint: X3D Camera Nodes for Digital Cinematography

Jung, Yvonne; Behr, Johannes
Towards a new Camera Model for X3D

Oyarzun, David; Ortiz, Amalia; Carretero, Maria del Puy; Gelissen, Jean; Garcia-Alonso, Alex; Sivan, Yesha
ADML: A framework for representing inhabitants in 3D Virtual Worlds

Carnielli, Efrem; Pittarello, Fabio
Interactive stories on the net: a model and an architecture for X3D worlds

Mansouri, Haithem; Kleinermann, Frederic; Troyer, Olga De
Detecting Inconsistencies in the Design of Virtual Environments over the Web using Domain Specific Rules

Berndt, René; Havemann, Sven; Fellner, Dieter W.
3D Modeling in a Web Browser to Formulate Content-Based 3D Queries

Rodriguez-Echavarria, Karina; Morris, David; Arnold, David
Web Based Presentation of Semantically Tagged 3D Content for Public Sculptures and Monuments in the UK

Behr, Johannes; Eschler, Peter; Jung, Yvonne; Zöllner, Michael
X3DOM - A DOM-based HTML5/ X3D Integration Model

Reitz, Thorsten; Krämer, Michel; Thum, Simon
A Processing Pipeline for X3D Earth-based Spatial Data View Services

Simoes, Bruno; Conti, Giuseppe; Piffer, Stefano; Amicis, Raffaele de
Enterprise-level architecture for interactive web-based 3D visualization of geo-referenced repositories

McCann, Michael; Puk, Richard; Hudson, Alan; Melton, Rex; Brutzman, Don
Proposed Enhancements to the X3D Geospatial Component

Yoo, Byounghyun; Brutzman, Don
X3D Earth Terrain-Tile Production Chain for Georeferenced Simulation

Francis, Benjamin T.; Stone, Robert J.
WebScylla: A 3D Web Application to Visualise the Colonisation of an Artificial Reef

Calori, Luigi; Camporesi, Carlo; Pescarin, Sofia
Virtual Rome: a FOSS approach to WEB3D

Jankowski, Jacek; Decker, Stefan
2LIP: Filling The Gap Between The Current And The Three-Dimensional Web

Zhen-pei, Li; Ping, Li; Ming, Wu
Digital Oil and Gas Pipeline Visualization using X3D