Computer Graphics Forum 2013

Preface and Table of Contents

Barton, Michael; Shi, Ling; Kilian, Martin; Wallner, Johannes; Pottmann, Helmut
Circular Arc Snakes and Kinematic Surface Generation

Deng, Bailin; Bouaziz, Sofien; Deuss, Mario; Zhang, Juyong; Schwartzburg, Yuliy; Pauly, Mark
Exploring Local Modifications for Constrained Meshes

Milliez, Antoine; Wand, Michael; Cani, Marie-Paule; Seidel, Hans-Peter
Mutable Elastic Models for Sculpting Structured Shapes

Kaufmann, Peter; Wang, Oliver; Sorkine-Hornung, Alexander; Sorkine-Hornung, Olga; Smolic, Aljoscha; Gross, Markus
Finite Element Image Warping

Subr, Kartic; Paris, Sylvain; Soler, Cyril; Kautz, Jan
Accurate Binary Image Selection from Inaccurate User Input

Rüegg, Jan; Wang, Oliver; Smolic, Aljoscha; Gross, Markus
DuctTake: Spatiotemporal Video Compositing

Kaplanyan, Anton S.; Dachsbacher, Carsten
Path Space Regularization for Holistic and Robust Light Transport

Inger, Yaron; Farbman, Zeev; Lischinski, Dani
Locally Adaptive Products for All-Frequency Relighting

Spencer, Ben; Jones, Mark W.
Photon Parameterisation for Robust Relaxation Constraints

Kalantari, Nima Khademi; Sen, Pradeep
Removing the Noise in Monte Carlo Rendering with General Image Denoising Algorithms

Andersson, Magnus; Munkberg, Jacob; Akenine-Möller, Tomas
Stochastic Depth Buffer Compression using Generalized Plane Encoding

Esturo, Janick Martinez; Schulze, Maik; Rössl, Christian; Theisel, Holger
Global Selection of Stream Surfaces

Ijiri, Takashi; Yoshizawa, Shin; Sato, Yu; Ito, Masaaki; Yokota, Hideo
Bilateral Hermite Radial Basis Functions for Contour-based Volume Segmentation

Ha, Sehoon; McCann, Jim; Liu, C. Karen; Popovic, Jovan
Physics Storyboards

Pejsa, Tomislav; Mutlu, Bilge; Gleicher, Michael
Stylized and Performative Gaze for Character Animation

Wampler, Kevin; Popovic, Jovan; Popovic, Zoran
Animal Locomotion Controllers From Scratch

Mantiuk, Radoslaw; Bazyluk, Bartosz; Mantiuk, Rafal K.
Gaze-driven Object Tracking for Real Time Rendering

Mattausch, Oliver; Igarashi, Takeo; Wimmer, Michael
Freeform Shadow Boundary Editing

Nguyen, Chuong H.; Scherzer, Daniel; Ritschel, Tobias; Seidel, Hans-Peter
Material Editing in Complex Scenes by Surface Light Field Manipulation and Reflectance Optimization

Zheng, Youyi; Cohen-Or, Daniel; Mitra, Niloy J.
Smart Variations: Functional Substructures for Part Compatibility

Sunkel, Martin; Jansen, Silke; Wand, Michael; Seidel, Hans-Peter
A Correlated Parts Model for Object Detection in Large 3D Scans

AlHalawani, Sawsan; Yang, Yong-Liang; Liu, Han; Mitra, Niloy J.
Interactive Facades - Analysis and Synthesis of Semi-Regular Facades

Lafarge, Florent; Alliez, Pierre
Surface Reconstruction through Point Set Structuring

Levi, Zohar; Gotsman, Craig
ArtiSketch: A System for Articulated Sketch Modeling

Shtof, Alex; Agathos, Alexander; Gingold, Yotam; Shamir, Ariel; Cohen-Or, Daniel
Geosemantic Snapping for Sketch-Based Modeling

Schmidt, Ryan
Stroke Parameterization

Hilsmann, Anna; Fechteler, Philipp; Eisert, Peter
Pose Space Image Based Rendering

Li, Guannan; Wu, Chenglei; Stoll, Carsten; Liu, Yebin; Varanasi, Kiran; Dai, Qionghai; Theobalt, Christian
Capturing Relightable Human Performances under General Uncontrolled Illumination

Neumann, Thomas; Varanasi, Kiran; Hasler, Nils; Wacker, Markus; Magnor, Marcus; Theobalt, Christian
Capture and Statistical Modeling of Arm-Muscle Deformations

Zhuo, Wei; Rossignac, Jarek
Fleshing: Spine-driven Bending with Local Volume Preservation

Chen, Desai; Sitthi-amorn, Pitchaya; Lan, Justin T.; Matusik, Wojciech
Computing and Fabricating Multiplanar Models

Schwartzburg, Yuliy; Pauly, Mark
Fabrication-aware Design with Intersecting Planar Pieces

Pal, Kazim; Terras, Melissa; Weyrich, Tim
Interactive Exploration and Flattening of Deformed Historical Documents

Graham, Paul; Tunwattanapong, Borom; Busch, Jay; Yu, Xueming; Jones, Andrew; Debevec, Paul; Ghosh, Abhijeet
Measurement-Based Synthesis of Facial Microgeometry

Wenner, Simon; Bazin, Jean-Charles; Sorkine-Hornung, Alexander; Kim, Changil; Gross, Markus
Scalable Music: Automatic Music Retargeting and Synthesis

Zhou, Shizhe; Lasram, Anass; Lefebvre, Sylvain
By-example Synthesis of Curvilinear Structured Patterns

Ruiters, Roland; Schwartz, Christopher; Klein, Reinhard
Example-based Interpolation and Synthesis of Bidirectional Texture Functions

Im, Jaeho; Park, Hanwook; Kim, Jong-Hyun; Kim, Chang-Hun
A Particle-Grid Method for Opaque Ice Formation

Cho, Junghyun; Ko, Hyeong-Seok
Geometry-Aware Volume-of-Fluid Method

Wu, Xiaoyue; Yang, Xubo; Yang, Yang
A Novel Projection Technique with Detail Capture and Shape Correction for Smoke Simulation

Popov, Stefan; Georgiev, Iliyan; Slusallek, Philipp; Dachsbacher, Carsten
Adaptive Quantization Visibility Caching

Auzinger, Thomas; Wimmer, Michael; Jeschke, Stefan
Analytic Visibility on the GPU

Lee, Sung-Ho; Park, Taejung; Kim, Chang-Hun
Primitive Trees for Precomputed Distance Queries

Kurtek, Sebastian; Srivastava, Anuj; Klassen, Eric; Laga, Hamid
Landmark-Guided Elastic Shape Analysis of Spherically-Parameterized Surfaces

Kovnatsky, Artiom; Bronstein, Michael M.; Bronstein, Alexander M.; Glashoff, Klaus; Kimmel, Ron
Coupled Quasi-harmonic Bases

Gao, Lin; Lai, Yu-Kun; Huang, Qi-Xing; Hu, Shi-Min
A Data-Driven Approach to Realistic Shape Morphing

Pokrass, Jonathan; Bronstein, Alexander M.; Bronstein, Michael M.; Sprechmann, Pablo; Sapiro, Guillermo
Sparse Modeling of Intrinsic Correspondences

Birklbauer, Clemens; Opelt, Simon; Bimber, Oliver
Rendering Gigaray Light Fields

Krecklau, Lars; Born, Janis; Kobbelt, Leif
View-Dependent Realtime Rendering of Procedural Facades with High Geometric Detail

Tao, Michael W.; Malik, Jitendra; Ramamoorthi, Ravi
Sharpening Out of Focus Images using High-Frequency Transfer

Manson, Josiah; Schaefer, Scott
Analytic Rasterization of Curves with Polynomial Filters

Ebeida, Mohamed S.; Mahmoud, Ahmed H.; Awad, Muhammad A.; Mohammed, Mohammed A.; Mitchell, Scott A.; Rand, Alexander; Owens, John D.
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