EuroVAST 2010: International Symposium on Visual Analytics Science and Technology 2010

Attfield, Simon J.; Hara, Sukhvinder K.; Wong, B. L. William
Sensemaking in Visual Analytics: Processes and Challenges

Landesberger, Tatiana von; Bremm, Sebastian; Bernard, Juergen; Schreck, Tobias
Smart Query Definition for Content-Based Search in Large Sets of Graphs

Seifert, Christin; Sabol, Vedran; Kienreich, Wolfgang
Stress Maps: Analysing Local Phenomena in Dimensionality Reduction Based Visualisations

Pölitz, Christian; Andrienko, Gennady; Andrienko, Natalia
Finding Arbitrary Shaped Clusters with Related Extents in Space and Time

Rohrdantz, Christian; Mayer, Thomas; Butt, Miriam; Plank, Frans; Keim, Daniel A.
Comparative Visual Analysis of Cross-Linguistic Features

Dou, Wenwen; Ribarsky, William; Chang, Remco
Capturing Reasoning Process through User Interaction

Petkos, Georgios; Darlagiannis, Vasilios; Moustakas, Konstantinos; Tzovaras, Dimitrios
Utilizing Treemaps for Multicriterial Search of 3D Objects

May, Thorsten; Davey, James; Kohlhammer, Jörn
Combining Details of the Chi-Square Goodness-of-Fit Test with Multivariate Data Visualization

Osimo, David; Lampathaki, Fenareti; Charalabidis, Yannis
Policy-making in a Complex World: Can Visual Analytics Help?

Aupetit, Michaël; Allano, Lorène; Espagnon, Isabelle; Sannie, Guillaume
Visual Analytics to Check Marine Containers in the Eritr\@c Project

Bertone, Alessio; Lammarsch, Tim; Turic, Thomas; Aigner, Wolfgang; Miksch, Silvia
Does Jason Bourne need Visual Analytics to catch the Jackal?

Wanner, Franz; Schaefer, Matthias; Leitner-Fischer, Florian; Zintgraf, Fabian; Atkinson, M.; Keim, Daniel A.
DYNEVI - DYnamic News Entity Visualization

Telea, Alexandru; Ersoy, Ozan; Voinea, Lucian
Visual Analytics in Software Maintenance: Challenges and Opportunities

Matkovic, Kresimir; Gracanin, Denis; Splechtna, Reiner; Hauser, Helwig
Interactive Visual Analysis of Families of Surfaces: An Application to Car Race and Car Setup