Vision, Modeling & Visualization 2015

Bommes, David; Ritschel, Tobias; Schultz, Thomas
Frontmatter: Vision, Modeling and Visualization (VMV)

Achenbach, Jascha; Zell, Eduard; Botsch, Mario
Accurate Face Reconstruction through Anisotropic Fitting and Eye Correction

Sibbing, Dominik; Kobbelt, Leif
Data Driven 3D Face Tracking Based on a Facial Deformation Model

Burghard, Oliver; Klein, Reinhard
Simple, Robust, Constant-Time Bounds on Surface Geodesic Distances using Point Landmarks

Rodolà, Emanuele; Moeller, Michael; Cremers, Daniel
Point-wise Map Recovery and Refinement from Functional Correspondence

Noonan, Tom; Campoalegre, Lazaro; Dingliana, John
Temporal Coherence Predictor for Time Varying Volume Data Based on Perceptual Functions

Wang, Zhongjie; Seidel, Hans-Peter; Weinkauf, Tino
Hierarchical Hashing for Pattern Search in 3D Vector Fields

Schlegel, Steven; Goldau, Mathias; Scheuermann, Gerik
Interactive GPU-based Visualization of Scalar Data with Gaussian Distributed Uncertainty

Sorger, Johannes; Ortner, Thomas; Piringer, Harald; Hesina, Gerd; Gröller, Eduard
A Taxonomy of Integration Techniques for Spatial and Non-Spatial Visualizations

Demir, Ismail; Westermann, Rüdiger
Vector-to-Closest-Point Octree for Surface Ray-Casting

Prus, Magdalena; Eisenacher, Christian; Stamminger, Marc
Level-of-Detail for Production-Scale Path Tracing

Nalbach, Oliver; Ritschel, Tobias; Seidel, Hans-Peter
The Bounced Z-buffer for Indirect Visibility

Hell, Benjamin; Magnor, Marcus
A Convex Clustering-based Regularizer for Image Segmentation

Kettern, Markus; Hilsmann, Anna; Eisert, Peter
Temporally Consistent Wide Baseline Facial Performance Capture via Image Warping

Klose, Felix; Wang, Oliver; Bazin, Jean-Charles; Magnor, Marcus; Sorkine-Hornung, Alexander
Efficient GPU Based Sampling for Scene-Space Video Processing

Bukenberger, Dennis R.; Schwarz, Katharina; Groh, Fabian; Lensch, Hendrik P. A.
Rotoscoping on Stereoscopic Images and Videos

Haraké, Laura; Bełtkiewicz, Dorota; Lochmann, Gerrit
Tongue S(t)imulator - A Comprehensive Parametrized Pose Model for Speech Therapy

Tillmann, Sebastian-T.; Bohn, Christian-A.
Simulation of Water Condensation based on a Thermodynamic Approach

Johannsen, Ole; Sulc, Antonin; Goldluecke, Bastian
Variational Separation of Light Field Layers

Steinhausen, Heinz Christian; Brok, Dennis den; Hullin, Matthias B.; Klein, Reinhard
Extrapolating Large-Scale Material BTFs under Cross-Device Constraints

Brok, Dennis den; Steinhausen, Heinz Christian; Klein, Reinhard
Fast Multiplexed Acquisition of High-dynamic-range Material Appearance

Wender, Alexander; Iseringhausen, Julian; Goldluecke, Bastian; Fuchs, Martin; Hullin, Matthias B.
Light Field Imaging through Household Optics