Graphics Hardware 2004

Hormann, Kai; Tarini, Marco
A Quadrilateral Rendering Primitive

Aila, Timo; Akenine-Möller, Tomas
A Hierarchical Shadow Volume Algorithm

Bitter, Ingmar; Neophytou, Neophytos; Mueller, Klaus; Kaufman, Arie E.
Squeeze: Numerical-Precision-Optimized Volume Rendering

Riffel, Andrew; Lefohn, Aaron E.; Vidimce, Kiril; Leone, Mark; Owens, John D.
Mio: Fast Multipass Partitioning via Priority-Based Instruction Scheduling

Foley, Tim; Houston, Mike; Hanrahan, Pat
Efficient Partitioning of Fragment Shaders for Multiple-Output Hardware

Wei, Li-Yi
Tile-Based Texture Mapping on Graphics Hardware

Sen, Pradeep
Silhouette Maps for Improved Texture Magnification

Stewart, J.; Bennett, E.P.; McMillan, L.
PixelView: A View-Independent Graphics Rendering Architecture

Sheaffer, J. W.; Luebke, D.; Skadron, K.
A Flexible Simulation Framework for Graphics Architectures

Schmittler, Jörg; Woop, Sven; Wagner, Daniel; Paul, Wolfgang J.; Slusallek, Philipp
Realtime Ray Tracing of Dynamic Scenes on an FPGA Chip

Sohn, Ju-Ho; Woo, Ramchan; Yoo, Hoi-Jun
A Programmable Vertex Shader with Fixed-Point SIMD Datapath for Low Power Wireless Applications

Kipfer, Peter; Segal, Mark; Westermann, Rüdiger
UberFlow: A GPU-Based Particle Engine

Kolb, A.; Latta, L.; Rezk-Salama, C.
Hardware-based Simulation and Collision Detection for Large Particle Systems

Fatahalian, K.; Sugerman, J.; Hanrahan, P.
Understanding the Efficiency of GPU Algorithms for Matrix-Matrix Multiplication