EUROVIS - Eurographics /IEEE VGTC Symposium on Visualization 2006

Neophytou, Neophytos; Mueller, Klaus; McDonnell, Kevin T.; Hong, Wei; Guan, Xin; Qin, Hong; Kaufman, Arie
GPU-Accelerated Volume Splatting With Elliptical RBFs

Tejada, E.; Gois, J. P.; Nonato, L. G.; Castelo, A.; Ertl, T.
Hardware-accelerated Extraction and Rendering of Point Set Surfaces

Li, Guo-Shi; Tricoche, Xavier; Hansen, Charles
GPUFLIC: Interactive and Accurate Dense Visualization of Unsteady Flows

Reina, G.; Bidmon, K.; Enders, F.; Hastreiter, P.; Ertl, T.
GPU-Based Hyperstreamlines for Diffusion Tensor Imaging

Haroz, Steve; Ma, Kwan-Liu
Natural Visualizations

Telea, Alexandru
Combining Extended Table Lens and Treemap Techniques for Visualizing Tabular Data

Neumann, Petra; Carpendale, Sheelagh; Agarawala, Anand
PhylloTrees: Phyllotactic Patterns for Tree Layout

Wang, Yue; Teoh, Soon Tee; Ma, Kwan-Liu
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Tree Visualization Systems for Knowledge Discovery

Heinzl, C.; Klingesberger, R.; Kastner, J.; Gröller, E.
Robust Surface Detection for Variance Comparison and Dimensional Measurement

Jalba, A. C.; Roerdink, J. B. T. M.
Efficient Surface Reconstruction from Noisy Data using Regularized Membrane Potentials

Clasen, Malte; Hege, Hans-Christian
Terrain Rendering using Spherical Clipmaps

Rosenthal, Paul; Linsen, Lars
Direct Isosurface Extraction from Scattered Volume Data

Chisnall, David; Chen, Min; Hansen, Charles
Knowledge-Based Out-of-Core Algorithms for Data Management in Visualization

Lu, Aidong; Maciejewski, Ross; Ebert, David S.
Volume Composition Using Eye Tracking Data

Tietjen, Christian; Meyer, Björn; Schlechtweg, Stefan; Preim, Bernhard; Hertel, Ilka; Strauß, Gero
Enhancing Slice-based Visualizations of Medical Volume Data

Oeltze, S.; Kuß, A.; Grothues, F.; Hennemuth, A.; Preim, B.
Integrated Visualization of Morphologic and Perfusion Data for the Analysis of Coronary Artery Disease

Shi, K.; Theisel, H.; Weinkauf, T.; Hauser, H.; Hege, H.-C.; Seidel, H.-P.
Path Line Oriented Topology for Periodic 2D Time-Dependent Vector Fields

Ebling, J.; Scheuermann, G.
Segmentation of Flow Fields using Pattern Matching

Laramee, Robert S.; Garth, Christoph; Schneider, Jürgen; Hauser, Helwig
Texture Advection on Stream Surfaces: A Novel Hybrid Visualization Applied to CFD Simulation Results

Park, Sung W.; Yu, Hongfeng; Hotz, Ingrid; Kreylos, Oliver; Linsen, Lars; Hamann, Bernd
Structure-accentuating Dense Flow Visualization

Akiba, Hiroshi; Fout, Nathaniel; Ma, Kwan-Liu
Simultaneous Classification of Time-Varying Volume Data Based on the Time Histogram

Brandes, Ulrik; Hoefer, Martin; Pich, Christian
Affiliation Dynamics with an Application to Movie-Actor Biographies

Voinea, S. L.; Telea, A.
CVSgrab: Mining the History of Large Software Projects

Keim, Daniel A.; Nietzschmann, Tilo; Schelwies, Norman; Schneidewind, Jörn; Schreck, Tobias; Ziegler, Hartmut
A Spectral Visualization System for Analyzing Financial Time Series Data

Rübel, O.; Weber, G.H.; Keränen, S.V.E.; Fowlkes, C.C.; Hendriks, C.L. Luengo; Simirenko, L.; Shah, N.Y.; Eisen, M.B.; Biggin, M.D.; Hagen, H.; Sudar, D.; Malik, J.; Knowles, D.W.; Hamann, B.
PointCloudXplore: Visual Analysis of 3D Gene Expression Data Using Physical Views and Parallel Coordinates

Rautek, Peter; Csébfalvi, Balázs; Grimm, Sören; Bruckner, Stefan; Gröller, Eduard
D2VR: High-Quality Volume Rendering of Projection-based Volumetric Data

Brunet, Tom; Nowak, K. Evan; Gleicher, Michael
Integrating Dynamic Deformations into Interactive Volume Visualization

Lundström, Claes; Ynnerman, Anders; Ljung, Patric; Persson, Anders; Knutsson, Hans
The alpha -histogram: Using Spatial Coherence to Enhance Histograms and Transfer Function Design

Marmitt, Gerd; Slusallek, Philipp
Fast Ray Traversal of Tetrahedral and Hexahedral Meshes for Direct Volume Rendering

ereda, Petr; Vilanova, Anna; Gerritsen, Frans A.
Automating Transfer Function Design for Volume Rendering Using Hierarchical Clustering of Material Boundaries

Younesy, H.; Möller, T.; Carr, H.
Improving the Quality of Multi-resolution Volume Rendering

Ljung, Patric; Lundström, Claes; Ynnerman, Anders
Multiresolution Interblock Interpolation in Direct Volume Rendering

Entezari, Alireza; Meng, Tai; Bergner, Steven; Möller, Torsten
A Granular Three Dimensional Multiresolution Transform

Chen, Dan; Chiang, Yi-Jen; Memon, Nasir; Wu, Xiaolin
Lossless Geometry Compression for Steady-State and Time-Varying Irregular Grids

Kruszynski, K. J.; Liere, R. van; Kaandorp, J. A.
An Interactive Visualization System for Quantifying Coral Structures

Deines, E.; Michel, F.; Bertram, M.; Hagen, H.; Nielson, G. M.
Visualizing the Phonon Map

Bigler, James; Guilkey, James; Gribble, Christiaan; Hansen, Charles; Parker, Steven G.
A Case Study: Visualizing Material Point Method Data

Seipel, S.; Forsberg, A.- K.; Wesslén, D.
Enhanced Visualizations of Thermographic Data in Process Industry

Scharsach, Henning; Hadwiger, Markus; Neubauer, André; Wolfsberger, Stefan; Bühler, Katja
Perspective Isosurface and Direct Volume Rendering for Virtual Endoscopy Applications

Ehlert, Alexander; Salah, Zein; Bartz, Dirk
Data Reconstruction and Visualization Techniques for Forensic Pathology

Petersch, B.; Serrano-Serrano, O.; Hönigmann, D.
3D Soft Segmentation and Visualization of Medical Data Based on Nonlinear Diffusion and Distance Functions

Mlejnek, Matej; Ermes, Pierre; Vilanova, Anna; Rijt, Rob van der; Bosch, Harrie van den; Gerritsen, Frans; Gröller, M. Eduard
Application-Oriented Extensions of Profile Flags

Taerum, T.; Sousa, M. C.; Samavati, F.; Chan, S.; Mitchell, J. R.
Real-Time Super Resolution Contextual Close-up of Clinical Volumetric Data