Computer Graphics and Visual Computing (CGVC) 2021

Xu, Kai; Turner, Martin
CGVC 2021: Frontmatter

Roberts, Jonathan C.; Mearman, Joseph W.; Butcher, Peter W. S.; Al-Maneea, Hayder M.; Ritsos, Panagiotis D.
3D Visualisations Should Not be Displayed Alone - Encouraging a Need for Multivocality in Visualisation

Sandoval, Mario; Turner, Martin; Morris, Tim
Multiple DOF for X-ray CT Hydrocarbon Exploration

Mancosu, Mattia S.; Czanner, Silvester
Design Guidelines for Virtual Neurological Procedures

Abduh, Latifah; Ivrissimtzis, Ioannis
Training Dataset Construction for Anomaly Detection in Face Anti-spoofing

Barthelmes, Tobias; Vidal, Franck
Where's Wally? A Machine Learning Approach

Headleand, Christopher J.; Davies, Bethany; Threlfall, Danielle; Williams, Benjamin
The University on Lincoln Island: Reimagining a University Campus as a Role-Playing Video Game

Roberts, Jonathan C.
Learning Activities in Colours and Rainbows for Programming Skill Development

Holliman, Nicolas S.
Automating Visualization Quality Assessment: a Case Study in Higher Education

Williams, Benjamin; Headleand, Christopher J.
Recreational Motion Simulation: A New Frontier for Virtual Worlds Research

Headleand, Christopher J.; Davies, Bethany; Williams, Benjamin
Adi's Maze and the Research Arcade: A Long-term Study on the Impact of Gendered Representation on Player Preferences

Dahlin, Alexander; Sundstedt, Veronica
Improving Ray Tracing Performance with Variable Rate Shading

Köster, Marcel; Groß, Julian; Krüger, Antonio
RECCS: Real-Time Camera Control for Particle Systems