Eurographics 1999 - Short Presentations 1999

Adabala, Neeharika; Manohar, Swami
Gaseous Volume Visualization Using Particle Maps

Accardo, Giorgio; Scarpetta, Massimiliano
3D laser scanning numerical surface definition and fast prototyping of the Basel Bronze Head

Arnold, D. B.; Day, A. M.
The Norwich Virtual City Project

Bertolo, Maresa; Maninetti, Paolo; Marini, Daniele
Baroque Dance Animation with Virtual Dancers

Biancardi, A.; Moccia, V.
Virtual Environments as Multimedia Contents Integrators

Bizri, Hisham M.
Las Meninas: Narrative Illusions in Virtual Reality

Baracchini, C.; Brogi, A.; Merlitti, D.
Interactive Information System for the Camposanto Monumentale of Pisa

Carmo, Maria Beatriz; Cunha, Joao Duarte; Claudio, Ana Paula
Filtering mechanisms for the visualization of non-geometrical and geometrical data

Antonicelli, Angela; Sciscio, Giovanni; Rosicarelli, Renato; Ausiello, Giorgio; Catarci, Tiziana; Ferrarini, Massimo
Exploiting Pompei Cultural Heritage: The Plinius Project

Cooper, J. W.; Arnold, D. B.; Day, A. M.
Rapid Urban Modelling

Cuomo, Massimo; Funto, Fabrizio; Levner, Geoff
Virtual Reality and Cultural Heritage Examples: the Mysterious City Fresco, the Domus Aurea

Dias, José Miguel Salles; Gamito, Manuel Noronha; Silva, Jorge; Fonseca, José; Vilar, Miguel; Luo, Yuhua
Interference Detection in Architectural Databases

Diez-Higuera, J. F.; Diaz-Pernas, F. J.; Gomez Garcia-Bermejo, J.; Mompo Gomez, R.
VRML-based System for a Three-Dimensional Virtual Museum on the Web

Martin, Domingo; Torres, Juan Carlos
Virtual lights: a method for expressive visualization

Douke, Mamoru; Makino, Eiji; Hayashi, Masaki
A Study of Automatic Program Production Using TVML

Silvetti, Jorge; Smith, Christine; Dumbleton, Timothy; Williamson, Shane; Taylor, Geoffrey
Site and Structure at the Vatican: From the Earliest Settlement to the Present

Eberhardt, Bernd; Gürcay, Hasmet; Hanisch, Frank; Hüttner, Tobias; Licht, Oliver; Nill, Benjamin
Books and Devices from the Old -Their Renaissance in Computer Graphics

Ferley, E.; Cani, Marie-Paule; Gascuel, Jean-Dominique
Virtual Sculpture

Attardi, Giuseppe; Betro, Marilina; Forte, Maurizio; Gori, Roberto; Guidazzoli, Antonella; Imboden, Silvano; Mallegni, Francesco
3D virtual facial reconstruction and visualization of ancient Egyptian mummies using spiral CT data

Alessandri, Claudio; Gaiani, Marco
The atrium of St. Mary Abbey in Pomposa: a hypermedial 3-D network database

Gallo, G.; Garraffo, S.; Giugno, R.; Nicolosi, A.
Looking for the Lost Follis

Gillies, M.F.P.; Dodgson, N.A.
Psychologically-based Walking in a Cluttered Environment

Cojoc, D.; Grattoni, P.; Nerino, R.; Pettiti, G.
Monitoring of the visual arts degrade by means of the active vision system “3EYES”

Haller, Michael; Holm, Roland; Volkert, Jens; Wagner, Roland
A VR based safety training in a petroleum refinery

Hambach, Sybille
How To Visit Dunhuang Without Travelling To Central Asia

Harvey, D.; Arnold, D. B.; Day, A. M.
Distributed Virtual Environments for Urban Modelling

Horbelt, Stefan; Unser, Michael; Vetterli, Martin
Wavelet Projections for Volume Rendering

Gotla, M.; Huang, Z.
A Minimalist Approach to Facial Reconstruction

Lin, J.; Huang, Z.
Adaptive Scattered Data Interpolation with Multilevel Nonuniform B-Splines

James, A.; Day, A.M.
Accelerated Artificial Landscape Visualisation

Jolivet, Vincent; Plemenos, Dimitri; Sbert, Mateu
A Pyramidal Hemisphere Subdivision Method for Monte Carlo Radiosity

Kim, Junhwan
Computer Animation of Pianist’s Hand

Klein, Reinhard; Schilling, Andreas
Fast Distance Field Interpolation for Reconstruction of Surfaces from Contours

Knipp, Tammy
Psycho-social Happenings in Mediated Environments

Mader, S.
A Global Routing Mechanism for Modular VRML-Worlds

Maegawa, Hideaki

Mann, Stephen; Conrad, Blair
Better Pasting Via Quasi-Interpolation

Masuch, M.; Freudenberg, B.; Ludowici, B.; Kreiker, S.; Strothotte, T.
Virtual Reconstruction of Medieval Architecture

Müller, Gordon; Schäfer, Stephan; Fellner, Dieter W.
A Rapid Clustering Algorithm for Efficient Rendering

Nagakura, Takehiko
The Danteum

Neumark, Norie
Schock in the ear: sound and new media art

Oliveira, Joao; Buxton, Bernard
Creating light-weight virtual humans for Virtual Environments

Paolini, P.; Barbieri, T.; Loiudice, P.; Alonzo, F.; Arru, M.; Zanti, M.; Gaia, G.
WebTalk: a 3D collaborative environment to access the Web

Pasko, Alexander; Adzhiev, Valery; Fausett, Eric
Multidimensional Shape Modeling for Animation

March, Riccardo; Pedersini, Federico
Visible Surface Reconstruction with Accurate Localization of Object Boundaries

Ribelles, J.; Chover, M.; Lopez, A.; Huerta, J.
A First Step to Evaluate and Compare Multiresolution Models

Richard, N.; Codognet, P.; Grumbach, A.
The InViWo virtual agents

Rodriguez, M. L.; Gea, M.; Gutiérrez, F. L.
Towards Spatial Specification of Interactive System

Bernardini, F.; Mittleman, J.; Rushmeier, H.; Taubin, G.
Scanning Michelangelos Florentine Pieta: Making the Results Usable

ten Hagen, Paul; Noot, Han; Ruttkay, Zsofia
CharToon: a system to animate 2D cartoons faces

Sanna, Andrea; Montrucchio, Bartolomeo; Arina, Renzo
On Time-Varying Flow Fields: a streakline-based visualization method

Simon, G.; Lepetit, V.; Berger, M.-O.
Registration methods for harmonious integration of real worlds and computer generated objects

Silva, C.
Information Technologies for Set-designers

Sorby, S. A.; Baartmans, B. J.; Wysocki, A. F.
Improving 3-D Spatial Visualization Skills with Multimedia Software

Sorby, S.A.
3-D Spatial Skills--A Key to the Effective Use of Computer Graphics Software?

Sugano, Yoshinori; Masuda, Eiko
The Aurora

Tosa, Naoko; Nakatsu, Ryohei
Emotion-based, Multi-person Interactive Theatre - Romeo and Juliet in Hades

Alberti, Maria A.; Trapani, Paola
On the Opera Theatre Simulation

Ursyn, Anna
Visual Learning with Computer Art Graphics Artwork Description

Walker, James Faure
Digital Painting: facing the problem

Watson, K.
Design or art? Art or design?

Wenger, Emanuel; Karnaukhov, Victor N.; Haidinger, Alois
Contour Extraction of Watermarks in Old Manuscripts

Wright, Mark W.; Watson, Gordon; Dunlop, Gair; Middleton, Roy
Edinburgh: 200 years of heritage through image-based virtual environments

Xu, Zheng; Kondo, Kunio
Adaptive Refinements in Subdivision Surfaces?

Fleischmann, Monika; Strauss, Wolfgang; Yelistratov, Vladimir
Interfacing Cultural Heritage

Zhang, Zheng; Wong, Kok Cheong
Animating Brachiation