Solid Modeling 2004

Frontmatter Solid Modeling 2014

Hoffmann, C.; Park, with G.; Simard, J-R.; Stewart, N. F.
Residual Iteration and Accurate Polynomial Evaluation for Shape-interrogation Applications

Yang, Y.; Brock, O.; Moll, R. N.
Efficient and Robust Computation of an Approximated Medial Axis

Du, H.; Qin, H.
Medial Axis Extraction and Shape Manipulation of Solid Objects Using Parabolic PDEs

Shaham, A.; Shamir, A.; Cohen-Or, D.
Medial-Axis Based Solid Representation

Cohen, E.
From Computer Geometry to Manufacturing Algorithms

Hua, J.; He, Y.; Qin, H.
Multiresolution Heterogeneous Solid Modeling and Visualization Using Trivariate Simplex Splines

Brandel, S.; Schneider, S.; Perrin, M.; Guiard, N.; Rainaud, J. F.; Lienhardt, P.; Bertrand, Y.
Automatic Building of Structured Geological Models

Roessl, C.; Zeilfelder, F.; Nuernberger, G.; Seidel, Hans-Peter
Spline Approximation of General Volumetric Data

Steiner, D.; Fischer, A.
Planar Parameterization for Closed Manifolds Genus-1 Meshes

Chazal, F.; Cohen-Steiner, D.
A Condition for Isotopic Approximation

Boissonnat, J. D.; Oudot, S.
An Effective Condition for Sampling Surfaces with Guarantees

Marinov, M.; Kobbelt, L.
Optimization Techniques for Approximation with Subdivision Surfaces

Chang, Y.- S.; Qin, H.
A Framework for Multiresolution Adaptive Solid Objects

Ostrovsky-Berman, Y.; Joskowicz, L.
Tolerance Envelopes of Planar Parametric Part Models

Redon, S.; Lin, M. C.; Manocha, D.
Fast Continuous Collision Detection for Articulated Models

Freytag, M.; Shapiro, V.
B-rep SE: Simplicially Enhanced Boundary Representation

Floriani, L. De; Hui, A.
Update Operations on 3D Simplicial Decompositions of Non-manifold Objects

Scopigno, R.
Efficient Processing of 3D Scanned Models

Spitz, S. N.; Rappoport, A.
Integrated Feature-Based and Geometric CAD Data Exchange

Varley, P. A. C.; Martin, R. R.; Suzuki, H.
Making the Most of Using Depth Reasoning to Label Line Drawings of Engineering Objects

Paoluzzi, A.; Pascucci, V.; Scorzelli, G.
Progressive Dimension-Independent Boolean Operations

Michalik, P.; Bruderlin, B. D.
Constraint-based Design of B-spline Surfaces from Curves

Miropolsky, A.; Fischer, A.
Reconstruction with 3D Geometric Bilateral Filter

Wang, C. C. L.; Tang, K.
Developability-preserved Free-form Deformation of Assembled Patches

Li, Q.
Implicit Curve and Surface Design Using Smooth Unit Step Functions

Chazal, F.; Lieutier, A.
Stability and Homotopy of a Subset of the Medial Axis

Mukundan, H.; Ko, K. H.; Maekawa, T.; Sakkalis, T.; Patrikalakis, N. M.
Tracing Surface Intersection with a Validated ODE System Solver

Langbein, F. C.; Marshall, A. D.; Martin, R. R.; Mills, B. I.; Gao, C. H.
Topological and Geometric Beautification of Reverse Engineered Geometric Models

Akleman, E.; Srinivasan, V.
Connected and Manifold Sierpinski Polyhedra

Fontana, M.; Rizzi, C.; Cugini, U.
Physics-based Modelling and Simulation of Functional Cloth for Virtual Prototyping Applications

Starly, B.; Darling, A.; Gomez, C.; Nam, J.; Sun, W.; Shokoufandeh, A.; Regli, W.
Image Based Bio-CAD Modeling and Its Applications to Biomedical and Tissue Engineering

Hwang, T. J.; Lee, K.; Jeong, J. H.; Oh, H. Y.
Shape Similarity Measurement Using Ray Distances for Mass Customization

Michelucci, D.; Foufou, S.
Using Cayley Menger Determinants

Convard, T.; Bourdot, P.
History Based Reactive Objects for Immersive CAD

Michelucci, D.; Neveu, M.
Shortest Circuits with Given Homotopy in a Constellation

Bereg, S.; Jiang, M.; Zhu, B.
Contour Interpolation with Bounded Dihedral Angles

Hu, S. M.; Li, C. F.; Zhang, H.
Actual Morphing: A Physical-Based Approach for Blending Two 2D/3D Shapes

Gomes, A. J. P.
Euler Operators for Stratified Objects with Incomplete Boundaries

Ouchi, K.; Keyser, J.
Handling Degeneracies in Exact Boundary Evaluation

Quadros, W. R.; Shimada, K.; Owen, S. J.
3D Discrete Skeleton Generation by Wave Propagation on PR-Octree for Finite Element Mesh Sizing

McCormick, B.; Busse, B.; Doddapaneni, P.; Melek, Z.; Keyser, J.
Compression, Segmentation, and Modeling of Filamentary Volumetric Data

Mortara, M.; Patane, G.; Spagnuolo, M.; Falcidieno, B.; Rossignac, J.
Plumber: A Multi-scale Decomposition of 3D Shapes into Tubular Primitives and Bodies