Computer Graphics Forum 2006 / CGF 25 - 2 

Duke, David; Scopigno, Roberto

Fradin, D.; Meneveaux, D.; Lienhardt, P.
A Hierarchical Topology-Based Model for Handling Complex Indoor Scenes

Gamito, Manuel N.; Maddock, Steve C.
Anti-aliasing with Stratified B-spline Filters of Arbitrary Degree

Mahovsky, J.; Wyvill, B.
Memory-Conserving Bounding Volume Hierarchies with Coherent Raytracing

Papageorgiou, Stavros G.; Aspragathos, Nikos A.
Transformation and Normal Vector Calculation of Parametrically Defined Surfaces Based on Dual Vectors and Screw Theory: Application to Phong s Shading Model

Matias van Kaick, Oliver; Pedrini, Helio
A Comparative Evaluation of Metrics for Fast Mesh Simplification

Atlan, Samuel; Garland, Michael
Interactive Multiresolution Editing and Display of Large Terrains

Liu, Yang; Chen, George; Max, Nelson; Hofsetz, Christian; McGuinness, Peter
Undersampled Light Field Rendering by a Plane Sweep

Ulbricht, Christiane; Wilkie, Alexander; Purgathofer, Werner
Verification of Physically Based Rendering Algorithms

Desbrun, Mathieu
Third Eurographics Symposium on Geometry Processing (in cooperation with ACM SIGGRAPH)

Neumann, Andreas
SVG.Open 2005 Conference